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Be Loyal To Your Definition of Success

Are you professionally settling? You’ve thrown in the towel, and you’ve accepted that your current role and professional experiences are apropos with your revised definition of success. My next question to you is, “Why are you choosing not to be determined to live your definition of success?” Life is too short not be focused and committed to developing yourself to experience promotion and next-level opportunities. ...
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Make Career Confident Moves Like a Superhero

Interference can appear in many forms while pursuing your career goals and aspirations. Sometimes it may be a challenge to confidently push past perceived setbacks to experience the career goals that you’ve been planning and making efforts to become your reality. In moments and seasons of professional transitions, it is important to keep a superhero mindset of, “I got this!” while being diligent and consistent to your professional ...


Seminole State College invited and hosted a book signing event for Michele’s book, Confidently You. She had a wonderful time promoting her book, sharing career resources and giving mini career confidence coaching sessions to the graduates and students. Michele was invited to MC and be a panel speaker during the career expo at their largest diversity job fair in Florida at the Amway Center. She had a great time ...

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Perfecting Your Craft with Susan Bennett

The listeners of the podcast, The Confidence Conversation have spoken, and I’m glad to share by popular demand, Episode 21 of The Confidence Conversation features the original voice of Siri, Susan Bennett. The Voice-Over Artist, Susan will be chatting about her favorite career moments and lessons that she’s learned along her journey as a singer and voice-over artist. She also shares tips on how to remain current and working in ...

The Passion Behind a Champion of Career Confidence Inspiration with Michele Badie

Many have asked what has led me to write a book to compliment my efforts and passion encouraging people to excel in their workplace. The tables have turned, and I recently welcomed Alex Hanse host of Dream Without Limits Radio powered by The Foolies to be the guest host for Ep. 20 of my podcast, The Confidence Conversation. Alex interviews me about being a confidence inspiration champion through my book, Confidently You: 21-Day Action Plan ...
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Be Tenaciously Confident While Leading with Charles Thybulle

Evolving to be your professional best is an intentional journey. Many leaders take on the continual development commitment with a mindset of excellence. They are determined to be receptive to feedback. They regularly test and stretch their management skills and knowledge to lead others to be productive contributors to their workplace, while encouraging them to be their best professionally. Often leaders choose to be an example of what it ...
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Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace with Dr. Joanie B. Connell

Many businesses aim to experience witnessing their employees working amicably as a team while increasing the bottom line profits. Promoting and maintaining a cohesive work environment requires the dedicated focus on reviewing multiple organizational dynamics. One dynamic that is receiving constant attention is the desire to close the generation gap in the workplace in regards to communication, assessment of skills and knowledge. In the ...
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Mindset of a Fierce Champion with Loralee Lewis

Every day the way we choose to live, work, and pay it forward become the meaning of the words that will describe our professional and personal legacy. Some decide to be a fierce champion while establishing their legacy. A fierce champion boldly cheers others professionals on to accomplish their career dreams and goals while unapologetically pursuing their own as well. I recently had the opportunity to chat with a fierce champion, Loralee ...
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Visualize Your Career Goals

“Self-investment is the best investment.” ~Rynette Upson-Bush Many professionals look at the new year as a fresh start, an opportunity to re-boot a personal best practice or develop an action plan to advance in their career. 2016 is days away. Exciting, prosperous things and opportunities await us all in the new year. It is important for you to have a business savvy approach about your career plan. The time is now to know what ...