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    Confidently You: 21-Day Action Plan To Your Professional Best, written by Podcaster and Career Confidence Blogger & Coach Michele Badie, is a guide full of easy to implement career tips and thought triggers that will help you at any stage of your career to evolve into your next level of professional best. This book is an excellent resource for just about anyone from new grads to seasoned workers and can be utilized as a tool in the workplace to inspire professional development and implement team building exercises. In this guide Badie has identified timeless topics and components which includes: Career-centric topics that will boost your professional esteem. Daily activities that can help you generate a new perspective to advancing in your career. Action lists and affirmations that promote and develop successful career traits.

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    Hi there. I'm Michele Badie. Thanks for visiting my blog, Career Tipper. I'm an author, coach, and podcaster that champions confidence inspiration to be your professional best. It's my sincere passion to encourage you to have confidence to pursue and live your desired career and professional legacy out loud daily. Would you like to connect? I'd love to hear from you! Instagram: @careertipper Twitter: @michelebadie Facebook: Periscope: @careertipper