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Confidently Make Boss Moves with Linda Nieves-Powell

Do you remember the moment that you were connected to your purpose? Did it feel like an awakening was taking place? Once you make that connection you then confidently make managerial aka boss moves to breathe life into your purpose. Learning how to enjoy the journey of developing what you have innately been called to do evolves into a brand that will constantly teach you more and more about yourself and the boss and trailblazer that you choose to be. I recently interviewed accomplished Writer, Director, Producer, and Photographer Linda Nieves-Powell. She chats about the choices that she has made and continue to make to share the different dynamics of the Latina’s voice through her foundation as a Writer.

Episode nine of The Confidence Conversation features Linda talks about how she confidently portrays a forward-thinking leadership style and unparalleled talent for inspiring and leading individuals and teams to meet and exceed business targets. Linda is a member of the Writers Guild of America/East and SAG signatory producer. In 2014, her short film Stereotypically Me won an Honorable Merit Award at the Best Short Competition. Linda also partnered with Orgullosa, a Procter & Gamble social media brand for Latinas by Latinas, to write and direct the “Nueva Latina Monologues”. Linda’s groundbreaking award-winning play, YO SOY LATINA, has been performed on off-Broadway, regional theater, and at over 400 colleges across the United States. She is also the author of the novel, Free Style, published by Simon and Schuster in 2008. Her script, Six of Me was a finalist at the 2013 Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab.

Linda shares the dynamics of her journey that made her confident in pioneering an empowering movement of creating a sought after voice that represents the Latina experience through art. Tune in and listen to Linda chat about her journey to determining her inner circle, how she attracted brands to work with her, and how she remains creative with expanding the artistic impression of her work.  Your episode feedback and guest suggestions are welcomed. Please feel free to share this interview with others and post comments on Sound Cloud, Stitcher Radio, or iTunes.



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