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Using Your Authentic Voice To Shift w/ Jarrod Uddin

Episode 1:

Jarrod Uddin is the Creator of the From Zero To Impact online learning academy and live workshop series that helps people to conquer the number-one fear on the planet, public speaking. Affectionately known as the “Audience Energizer”, Jarrod has worked as an audience warm-up guy for live television shows, international success events, and has traveled throughout the nation’s backyard, empowering over 100,000 millennials to answer life’s hard questions: “Who am I?” “Where do I belong?” and “What should I be doing with my life?” His book and platform message, “Unfollow The Crowd” were both created for that very reason.

From TEDx to TV shows, countless success conferences and hundreds of school assemblies, Jarrod is the must-have speaker for organizations looking to train their groups to make an impact!

Tune in and listen to Jarrod share is journey to becoming a Public Speaking Coach and career tipping insight that has helped his clients overcome their fears and authentically speak share their voice in professional environments.

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