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Know Your Strengths with Emily Ellyn

Do you feel like you’re operating at your professional best? Have you completed the research and work to know what your strengths are to determine how you can confidently execute them and excel within your workplace? Do you know what makes you tick, smile, perform well throughout your career, and move in peace within your personal space? The journey to knowing your strengths is not always glorious but can become an empowering journey to be cherished. A journey that attracts all of the positive experiences and lessons of development that you earned because you’ve demonstrated courage to identify and cultivate your strengths to live your best life. The career outcomes for Emily Ellyn a celebrity chef and culinary educator is a delightful example of what knowing your strengths can produce in your career and life. Emily has taken the time to master her strengths and in return has confidently and boldly made a sought after name for herself within the culinary industry. While creatively designing her culinary brand and retro rad legacy of food, fashion, and fun.

Emily is the featured guest for episode seven of Career Tipper’s blog podcast, The Confidence Conversation. She is the Home Economics teacher you’ve always wanted. She single-handedly started the Retro Rad cooking movement and encourages everyone to dig through their mother’s recipe box, dust off their pressure cookers and crock pots, and take the old and make it new. She takes the retro, remixes it, and makes it RAD.

With her quirky persona and trademark cat-eye glasses, you’ll find Emily cooking at food events around the world lecturing or hosting special events and doing brand consulting. All while developing her Retro Rad culinary TV career and finishing her Ph.D. in Food Service Education. Through it all, she’s gained a loyal following. You’ve seen her on Food Network’s “Food Network Star”, “Cupcake Wars”,“Cut Throat Kitchen”, and morning news shows across the country. As well as a cameo cartoon appearance on the “Simpsons!” Emily is going to share with us how being authentic and confidently true to herself consistently has advanced her in her career while enjoying the journey. 

Tune in now and listen to Emily share how her childhood experiences and tried and true success attraction methodologies has helped her be a trailblazing dreamer and doer. Your episode feedback and guest suggestions are welcomed. Please feel free to share this interview with others and post comments on Sound Cloud, Stitcher Radio, or iTunes.



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