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Career Confidence Tips, Latest On the Blog

Embrace Performance Feedback

Sometimes the directive that connects professionals to the career shift that they are seeking is in the feedback they’ve received about their work performance and soft skills. It is important not to let your feelings nor irrelevant opinions impact your willingness to positively react to the developmental feedback that you received that will help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness in your role. Embracing professional feedback ...
Career Confidence Tips, Latest On the Blog

Plan to Master Your Time

Time management can be labeled the Achilles heel for many in the workplace. The need to master the process of how you manage your time can crystalize through missed deadlines, inaccurate completion of tasks, or lack of time to be available for your direct reports and colleagues. Whatever prompts your focus to master your time, your efforts must be rooted in planning. There are multiple time management strategies for you to review and test. ...
Career Confidence Tips, Latest On the Blog

Shift the Cycle and Propel

In your career, sometimes you will keep repeating select experiences until you learn the lesson. Mastering the takeaway will link you to the knowledge or skills that you need, and shift your professional cycle. Sometimes reluctance to embrace feedback is the cause. The feedback’s baseline is the same, although the circumstances and role that you’re in may be different. For others, it can be a mindset roadblock that’s ...