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Career Tipper blog’s podcast, The Confidence Conversation Podcast shares the stories of a variety of professionals in different industries chatting about their journey to being confident in their career and entrepreneurial choices. Subscribe and listen to their insightful, engaging, and informative conversations of what keeps them motivated and confident in accomplishing career greatness at Sound Cloud and Stitcher Radio. Send Michele an email at and share your guest suggestions and feedback.



Ep. 21 – Perfecting Your Craft with Susan Bennett

Episode 21 of The Confidence Conversation features the original voice of Siri, Voice & Vocals Artist, Susan Bennett. Susan will be chatting about her favorite career moments and lessons that she’s learned along her journey as a singer and voice-over artist. She also shares tips on how to remain current and working in the industry. Tune in and listen to Susan repeat her favorite voice-over and find out the four words that Susan focus’s on daily to accomplish her career goals and enjoy life. 

Ep. 20 – The Passion Behind a Champion of Career Confidence Inspiration w/ Michele Badie

Alex Hanse host of Dream Without Limits Radio powered by The Foolies to be the guest host for Ep. 20 of The Confidence Conversation. Alex interviews Michele Badie about being a confidence inspiration champion through her new book, Confidently You: 21-Day Action Plan To Be Your Professional Best, Career Tipper blog, and her podcast, The Confidence Conversation. Alex chats with Michele about the experiences that led me to publish a book that encourages and challenges amazing professionals to stretch and challenge themselves to boldly be an example of excellence in their workplace continually.

Ep. 19 – Be Tenaciously Confident While Leading with Charles Thybulle

Episode 19 of The Confidence Conversation features Finance Expert, Charles Thybulle. He chats about evolving to being your professional best by being tenacious. Charles has been in the financial services industry since 1998. Charles graduated from the University of Central Florida. He started as a management trainee in the consumer finance business and was promoted to District Manager, before making the transition into retail banking in 2010. He has managed multiple branches in Tampa, Memphis, and Atlanta before taking on his current executive role of Financial Wellness Relationship Manager. Charles is a wellness, education advocate that believes in the power of mentorship for his community by volunteering and participating on multiple boards of different organizations.

Episode 18 – Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace with Dr. Joanie B. Connell

Episode 18 of The Confidence Conversation features Dr. Joanie B. Connell is an author and the President of Flexible Work Solutions that specializes in organizational consulting and leadership coaching. She helps people achieve their highest potential in all stages of life. She works well with companies to develop and retain top talent. She coaches individuals to improve their success and happiness in their careers (whether starting out or looking for a change) and with organizations such as OASIS to promote healthy retirement and aging practices. Dr. Connell is the author of Flying Without a Helicopter: How to Prepare Young People for Work and Life. She is a popular speaker, working with organizations from Fortune 100 to not-for-profit and government. She teaches at distinguished universities including UCSD. Dr. Connell received her doctorate from UC Berkeley and her Bachelor’s from Harvard. Dr. Connell is going to chat about how she works with seasoned professionals and millennials about successfully navigating the workforce and working productively with corporate leaders.

Ep. 17 – Mindset of a Fierce Champion with Loralee Lewis

Episode 17 of The Confidence Conversation features Loralee Lewis. Known for bringing sophistication to whimsical designs, Loralee is arguably the premier designer for event stationery. Loralee is the owner and chief designer of the self-named company, Loralee Lewis and has been serving global clientele since 2009. Loralee Lewis was named one of the new and notable companies to watch by the National Stationery Show in 2014. Her design features have been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Marie Claire Enfants, Women’s World, and many other media outlets. Loralee debuted her first furniture line in Fall 2015. She currently has over 3,000 unique speciality products. Loralee is going to share how taking design classes on the side to create invitations that she liked led her to become a business that has worked with Nordstrom, VOGUE Eyewear, and celebrities Gwen Stefani, Kevin Costner and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

Ep. 16 – Affirming Your Destiny with Antonia Jenae’

Episode 16 of The Confidence Conversation features Singer-Songwriter, Antonia Jenae’. Antonia first made her mark as a background singer for Joss Stone in 2003. She has shared the stage providing Backup Vocals for Common, Chocolate, Raphael Saadiq, Macy Gray and Jeff Beck. Not one to fade into the background, she is fueled by her ability to capture listeners with her charm and soulful voice. It is rare that a singer can simultaneously spark moments of infectious flow throughout an audience while feeding them with wisdom and touching their soul. Antonia wrote, recorded, and released her debut, For Medicinal Purposes. She is now preparing for the release of her second full-length project called Diva Smoke, a collection of her poetry turned into a melody that shows off some of her production skills. Antonia is going to share how continually affirming her success and being willing to try something new has led hr to experience career successes beyond her wildest dreams.

Ep. 15 – Building A Brand That Thrives Through Generations

Episode 15 of The Confidence Conversation features Quentin Roe. Quentin is the Owner, President, and third generation for W.G. Roe & Sons and a partnership owner in the Seminole Pride Noble Juice brand. Since 1927, the Roe family has been in the business of providing customers with an exceptional citrus experience. From humble beginnings, four generations have built Noble into the business that it is today. Built on a strong reputation for quality, for nearly 100 years, Noble has been flourishing, with 13 different fresh fruit varieties and over ten different Naturally Pure and Purely Organic juice flavors. Quentin is a part of an extraordinary team that has made a name for themselves in the citrus world. He is going to share why they are committed to the longevity of the product, citrus farming, and the Roe legacy.


Ep. 14 – Confidently Research and Respond To Industry Trends with Roger Lear

Episode 14 of The Confidence Conversation podcast features Roger Lear. Roger is the President of and Co-Founder of is Central Florida’s #1 employment site that caters to over 1,200 companies seeking employees. is also the official website of the Central Florida Human Resource Association. GreatInsuranceJobs .com is the #1 website nationally in the insurance industry and offers candidates a selection from over 5,000 current insurance openings. Roger is going to share his journey to being a respected leader and strong business partner in helping candidates connect with quality companies providing upward mobile employment opportunities. 

Ep. 13 – Building a Brand Through Partnership with Oz Silva and Phil Nahajewski

Episode 13 of The Confidence Conversation podcast features the leadership team of GotChosen. GotChosen is a platform that brings communities and marketplace to websites, blogs, and mobile apps. GotChosen technology is based on privacy and choice. Founder & Inventor, Oz Silva and CFO, Phil Nahajewski shares their perspective of how they chose to navigate through each day of connecting with their business partners. They also chat about how GotChosen provides a new alternative for people to enjoy their internet experience.

Ep. 12 – The Benefits of Paying It Forward features Julie Colombino

Episode 12 of The Confidence Conversation features Julie Colombino, Founder/CEO of REBUILD globally and CEO of Deux Mains Designs. Julie is a former model, acrobat, and foreign aid worker who felt called to respond to Haiti after the earthquake devastated the country in 2010. After months of working in the disaster zone she recognized that simply giving people things could only help so much, she worked with the survivors and the community to rebuild their lives and livelihoods. Julie chats about developing a team of like-minded visionaries that created a social entrepreneurial ecosystem that works to end generational poverty through the productions of high fashion up-cycled tire sandals that sells in the international marketplace. Julie recollects the lessons and the professional connections that have created the structure and training necessary to ensure Deux Mains is owned and operated by the survivors who dreamt of its inception. A dream that now generates continual employment opportunities that improve the quality of lives as a part of the REBUILD globally legacy.

Ep. 11 – Be Accountable To Your Career Dreams with Tyson Auer

Episode 11 of The Confidence Conversation features Founder & Owner of Mieroglyphs, Tyson Auer. Mieroglyphs was developed out of Tyson’s passion for quotes and the desire to create a way for people to witness and experience their quoted message daily in a creative and stylish way. During Tyson’s tenure as a Major League Baseball player, he would daydream about starting Mieroglyphs. In 2013, he successfully launched Mieroglyphs and quickly generated a dedicated international fan base of loyal customers for the Miero. The Miero is the featured product of Mieroglyphs. It’s a hand crafted bracelet that creatively showcases a standard or customized quote of the consumer’s choice that is supported by cork backing and stainless steel magnetic clasp.

Tyson created the Mieros to serve as a daily reminder for the wearer to stay focused and motivated by the internal inscription. He now travels the United States promoting the mieros online, at festivals, and through blogger affiliates. Tyson is going to share how he is confidently turning his passion to a create a product that keeps people inspired to accomplish their personal best into a thriving business. Plus chat about why promoting the inspirational thought trigger, “It’s what’s inside that counts.” has become his personal legacy in the making.

Ep. 10 – Confidently Launch & Learn with Sheena Allen

Episode ten of Career Tipper blog’s podcast, The Confidence Conversation features Founder/CEO of Sheena Allen Apps, Sheena Allen. Sheena Allen Apps is a mobile app company that she started as a senior at the University of Southern Mississippi. She started the company from a random idea after having a long receipt after leaving Wal-Mart. To date, Sheena Allen Apps is home to 6 apps (Dubblen, Orange Snap, InstaFunds, PicSlit, TwtBooth, and Words on Pics). Sheena Allen Apps currently has over 3 million downloads and counting. Tune in and listen to Sheena chat about how she is confidently establishing her presence in the tech world. She also shares how she chooses her business partners and the development team that work with her. She also reflects on her lessons learned along the way to date. In addition to the dynamics of her success blueprint that is inspired by what sparks the passion within her to pursue her goals without the need or desire to copy others.

Ep. 9 – Confidently Make Boss Moves features Linda Nieves-Powell

Episode nine of The Confidence Conversation features Linda Nieves-Powell. Linda is a broadly accomplished Writer, Director, Producer, and Photographer with an impressive portfolio, built from vast experience growing a production start-up into a million-dollar company. She confidently portrays a forward-thinking leadership style and unparalleled talent for inspiring and leading individuals and teams to meet and exceed business targets. Linda is a member of the Writers Guild of America/East and a SAG Signatory Producer. In 2014, her short film Stereotypically Me won an Honorable Merit Award at the Best Short Competition. Linda also partnered with Orgullosa, a Procter & Gamble social media brand for Latinas by Latinas, to write and direct the “Nueva Latina Monologues”. Linda’s groundbreaking award-winning play, YO SOY LATINA, has been performed on off-Broadway, regional theater, and at over 400 colleges across the United States. She is also the author of the novel, Free Style, published by Simon and Schuster in 2008. Her script, Six of Me was a finalist at the 2013 Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. 

Linda is going to share the dynamics of her journey that made her confident in pioneering an empowering movement of creating a sought after voice that represents the Latina experience through art. Tune in and listen to Linda chat about her journey to determining her inner circle, how she attracted brands to work with her, and how she remains creative with expanding the artistic impression of her work.

Ep. 8 – Building Your Brand Is A Process features Jeanette Johnson

Episode eight of Career Tipper’s blog podcast, The Confidence Conversation features Jeanette Johnson. Jeanette is fondly known as J. the founder of J’s Everyday Fashion. J. is a style blogger with over 100K followers that is on a mission to help inspire and encourage women everywhere to achieve their personal style on a budget. She is proof that style is not just something you are born with, but that it can be learned. J. has deemed herself the Rachael Ray of Fashion. 

Over the past five years, J. has used her marketing expertise to navigate and build a brand that has been recognized as one of the top 15 most followed American fashion blogs for the past three years. J’s Everyday Fashion receives more than a million unique visitors per year. She also has a dedicated passion for giving back to her local and global community. J. is going to share her journey with us of how launching her fashion brand through blogging causes her to relish in her now daily truth of being a full-time entrepreneur that is doing what she loves. 

Tune in and now and listen to J. chat about her journey to monetizing her blog, connecting to her creativity, and how she stays inspired to create and share her outfit recipes with her followers.

Ep. 7 – Know Your Strengths with Emily Ellyn

Emily Ellyn is the featured guest for episode seven of Career Tipper’s blog podcast, The Confidence Conversation. She is the Home Economics teacher you’ve always wanted. She single-handedly started the Retro Rad cooking movement and encourages everyone to dig through their mother’s recipe box, dust off their pressure cookers and crock pots, and take the old and make it new. She takes the retro, remixes it, and makes it RAD. With her quirky persona and trademark cat-eye glasses, you’ll find Emily cooking at food events around the world lecturing or hosting special events and doing brand consulting. All while developing her Retro Rad culinary TV career and finishing her Ph.D. in Food Service Education. Through it all, she’s gained a loyal following. You’ve Emily on Food Network’s “Food Network Star”, “Cupcake Wars”,“Cut Throat Kitchen”, and morning news shows across the country. As well as a cameo cartoon appearance on the “Simpsons!” Emily is going to share with us how being authentic and confidently true to herself consistently has advanced her in her career while enjoying the journey. 

Ep. 6 – Inner Peace Fuels Career Confidence with Henry Campos

Episode six of Career Tipper’s podcast, The Confidence Conversation features Henry Campos. Henry is an event crisis professional that shares, “In any crisis, you have to have inner peace. You can’t be a crisis yourself.” He is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the corporate and the nonprofit arenas. Henry currently specializes in event crisis management for one of the largest event technology companies in the United States. He helps turn disaster events into stellar productions for clients. He brings their vision for the event to reality. Henry is going to share how his diverse professional experiences of his past are the perfect blend that reinforces his know-how of being a confident leader. A leader that is establishing a legacy of excellence and discussing the “why” behind having a credible and valued worth ethic is a must have for all professionals to develop daily.

Ep. 5 – Portray a Top-Notch Image with Nikole Morrow-Pettus

Episode five of Career Tipper blog’s, The Confidence Conversation features Nikole Morrow-Pettus. She shares her insight and perspective of how she prepares her clients to have a confident career image. Nikole is an accomplished and creative makeup artist with experience in media makeup, fashion, and print. Her passion for fashion and styling led her to make up for over 21 years. She currently directs the makeup departments at Van Michael Salons in Atlanta. Nikole is a sought-after celebrity makeup artist. She is also a part of the Van Michael show team that travels the globe to exhibit the newest and current looks in hair and makeup. If that isn’t enough to keep her busy, she volunteers her talent and time to many organizations in the Atlanta area. Nikole’s work can be seen in magazines such as Allure, Architectural Digest, Southern Living, and Jezebel Magazine. Nikole candidly shares image and confidence boosting strategies and tips for how men and women can be mindful of how they choose to establish and portray their career image throughout their day.



Ep. 4 – Navigating Professional Backgrounds Successfully with Courtney D. Shaw

Episode four of Career Tipper blog’s podcast, The Confidence Conversation we’re featuring Courtney Dawn Shaw a fitness professional with over ten years of experience in personal training, being a youth fitness teacher, wellness consultant, and a motivational speaker. Courtney is the co-founder and author of the Fit 2-B Free Movement and curriculum. The Fit 2-B Free Movement is recognized by the “Let’s Move” initiative, and an official partner with the President’s Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition Counsel. Courtney’s dedication to professionally promoting her healthy lifestyle initiative have led her to expanding her professional footprint and legacy in a variety of platforms. Ushering her to experiencing a long-term desire and goal of becoming a TV host. During this episode, Courtney chats about her journey through her career maze that gifted her childlike wonderment and excitement. She also shares mindset, health, and fitness tips that have helped her triumphantly navigate through different platforms that have been a part of the Fit 2-B Free brand expansion.






Ep. 3 – Becoming a Subject Matter Expert is a Journey with Karl Legere

Episode three of Career Tipper blog’s podcast, The Confidence Conversation, features Karl Legere a project management professional. Karl has over 25 years of experience in process consulting, project management, and design planning for large complex projects. He shares his keys to success that has led him to having career longevity and the details of his career path to becoming a subject matter expert. Karl also provides his perspective on what hard skills and soft skills project management professionals should collectively cultivate that will be beneficial to them being career confident in an ever-changing industry of technology and guidelines.

Ep. 2 – Your Clients Will Inspire Career Confidence with Rhonda Baker

Episode two of Career Tipper blog’s podcast, The Confidence Conversation, features Rhonda Baker a Marriage and Family Therapist that is in private practice. Rhonda is going to share with us her journey to confidently pursuing her long-term entrepreneurial desire to becoming a private practice therapist. Rhonda also shares how her journey to becoming a private practice therapist, her business best practices and testimonials from her clients infuses her career confidence. Her career confidence fuels her to have career longevity in assisting marriages and diverse types of family dynamics advance to a place of continual wholeness. A therapeutic journey that gifts each person committed to completing the personal growth work permission to be and function at their best every day.


Ep. 1 – Turning Your Interests Into Profits with Patrick “Pat” Matthews

Episode one of Career Tipper blog’s podcast, The Confidence Conversation is about turning your passions into a lucrative career and legacy. Patrick “Pat” Matthews is a Game Designer, Author, Software Programmer, and Product Manager. He is determined to make sure that his career is influential and positively impactful to the lives of others. Pat speaks about how he merged all of his passions into continual profits that have advanced him in his career. Pat shares his insightful, light-hearted, and informative advice and experiences of what keeps him having fun while being confident in accomplishing career greatness for himself. Pat shares success triggers that help him be successful in his multiple roles, treasured advice from mentors, and how creating professional partnerships assisted him in developing his passions into a business.



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