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Turning Interests Into Profits with Patrick ‘Pat’ Matthews

Dear Career Tipper Followers and Visitors,

I’m elated to share the first episode of The Confidence Conversation podcast. The podcast shares the stories of a variety of professionals in different industries as they talk about their journey to being confident in their career and entrepreneurial choices. This podcast has been launched as an extension of the blog, Career Tipper. I have a passion to help professionals rebuild or advance their career confidence in themselves, their skills and abilities, and their career overall. The podcast is meant to inspire and generate aha moments, peace of mind for career choices, success triggers some choose to practice to become a subject matter expert. At the conclusion of each episode, my wish is that you are motivated and encouraged by the professional journeys of others to accomplish and experience your desired level of career greatness.

Episode one is about turning your passions into a lucrative career and legacy. Patrick “Pat” Matthews is a Game Designer, Author, Software Programmer, and Product Manager. He is determined to make sure that his career is influential and positively impactful to the lives of others. Pat speaks about how he merged all of his passions into continual profits that have advanced him in his career. Pat shares his insightful, light-hearted, and informative advice and experiences of what keeps him having fun while being confident in accomplishing career greatness for himself. Pat shares success triggers that help him be successful in his multiple roles, treasured advice from mentors, and how creating professional partnerships assisted him in developing his passions into a business.

Your episode feedback and guest suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to comment below. Thank you for being a part of my journey of creatively promoting, energizing, and affirming professionals to be career confident in their professional endeavors. Subscribe and listen to The Confidence Conversation podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or Sound Cloud. I’m grateful and appreciative for your support.

Confidently Yours,


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